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Support for Patients with Cancer and Other Medical Conditions 

Do you or a loved one struggle with a past or current cancer diagnosis or another serious medical condition? Has your medical condition changed your life and psychological well-being? Has it impacted your family life? I am here to help you work through the anxieties and loss associated with a past or present cancer diagnosis or other serious medical condition. I have extensive experience working as a health psychologist for some of the best hospitals in the country including Stanford University School of Medicine, the University of California San Diego. and the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute in Denver. 

Let’s work together through the emotional battle associated with the diagnosis of a serious medical condition. Struggling with the emotional impact from a physical illness can appear at any stage in the treatment process and sometimes only surfaces once all treatments have been completed.  I will help you better cope with anxieties and uncertainties associated with your medical condition and help you make sense of your condition productively. ​ We will work together on gaining more insight and understanding into your problems and make it easier to see the overall picture and not get lost in unnecessary details. Learning to live while you feel like you’re dying is an extraordinary feat, and one that I’m committed to helping you accomplish. Let me help you return to a fulfilling life.



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