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Neurocognitive Assessments Pre and Post Medical Procedures and for Treatment Planning Purposes


Sometimes a clinic or hospital requires a psychological assessment before a medical or surgical procedure can take place such as prior to bariatric surgery. This is because psychosocial factors play an important role in medical treatments and health outcomes. My assessments can help identify these positive attributes and pitfalls to achieve optimal treatment results. I will help you identify potential risk factors and provide recommendations on how to overcome barriers to allow for a safe medical procedure. I assess patients before their medical or surgical intervention to provide input on performance and outcome from a psychosocial perspective. 

I also conduct neurocognitive assessments for adults to help identify their strengths and weaknesses following medical interventions, physical illness or simply age-related changes.  Based on the assessment, I can recommend targeted intervention strategies you can use to compensate for cognitive weaknesses and recommend rehabilitation services. 

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