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Dignity Therapy

Imagine for a moment you are nearing the end of your life. There is no way of knowing when this might be. You could be in the prime of life or in your twilight years. Nevertheless, try to imagine what would determine the quality of your life and your legacy. Aside from materialistic belonging, what else are you leaving behind for your family? Would you like to leave a message to your children or grandchildren or perhaps you are a child and would like for your mother, grandmother or grandfather to leave a narrative document about their life's journey for you and your children.  If any of this is true, Dignity Therapy might be right for you.


Dignity therapy is a short 2-3 session therapy that involves asking questions about your life's history and work. We will work together to define and put in words your ultimate legacy and what you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren. In Dignity Therapy, I will encourage you to say things to loved ones that have remained unsaid to achieve closure and complete unfinished business. We will craft a memoir based on the topics we discussed which you can then share with your loved ones. It gives them an opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level by relating the meaning and purposes of your life.


Dignity Therapy is meant for anyone who would like to reflect over their life's history and work such as older individuals or seniors, those facing significant health problems and anyone else who wants to think about their legacy and wants the opportunity to say things that have remained unsaid until now. Every story is unique and what makes a story special is that it belongs to the teller.


Participant's experiences:

“Nobody has ever taken this much time to get to know me…. It was very healing for me and I was looking forward to it each time… This helps me move forward… This was so special… “


“I’m very happy I participated in this project. It helped bring my memories, thoughts, and feelings into perspective instead of all jumbled emotions running through my head. I am able to leave a sort of ‘insight’ of myself for my husband and children and all my family and friends.”


“Dignity Therapy was a lovely experience. Getting down on paper what I thought was a dull, boring life really opened my eyes on how much I really have done.”

Family member's experiences

“Our grandsons, including our latest whom unfortunately he never lived to see, will get some idea of his life and what he had achieved.”


"Something to hold onto and it made Dad’s life and his ways alive and tender.”


“I would say it was more helpful than any mourning aspect. It helped me move past it.”

“…it is almost like receiving a special gift of his words that we can have for our life time.”

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