Counseling Services

(in-person or online therapy)

Psychological Testing

Dignity Therapy

$165/50min (Individuals)

$200/60min (Family Consultation)

Contact me via email or phone so we can set up our first session and discuss how I can best assist you and your loved ones with your current struggles.

* Upon request only, I offer a free 15-20 min consultation session for new clients.


Price Varies

First, we will talk about the referral question (i.e., what you hope to accomplish as a result of the testing) to ensure I can provide you with the testing services you are looking for.  I will then provide you with a fee estimate before we begin with the testing. Based on the estimate,

an initial retainer fee will be due before any of the testing can begin.

Total $600

In Dignity Therapy we will first discuss the parameters of Dignity Therapy which will give you an opportunity to decide whether this is the right therapy choice for you. Once you decide to go ahead, we will meet for 60 min to conduct the Dignity Therapy interview. This interview will be recorded and transcribed. We will meet again for 60 min and go over the memoir and make any edits you wish to make. The transcription will be edited based on your preferences and you will be provided with a printed and electronic copy of your memoir.  If you are interested, I can also connect you with an online service to order a bound book of your memoir which also allows you to add your favorite photos.