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COVID-19/Coronavirus Teletherapy Support

The thoughts and fears are unavoidable, whether you're eager to get a test, seeing the empty shelves at the grocery store, concerned for your children and loved ones, grandparents or yourself... watching current events unfold can be stressful and worrisome at the very least. With emotions being high and knowledge, arguably, low, we as a society face many uncertainties at this current time. That combination can easily add up to symptoms of anxiety, depression, social isolation due to distancing, sleep difficulties and many more.  Unfortunately, it's a perfect storm for us right now. 


The good news is, you are not alone in this.

Given these difficult and uncertain times, I offer teletherapy services using a secure audio/video communication application which is HIPPA compliant and protects data privacy in that all audio/video communication is securely encrypted and transmitted from point-to-point.  This is my way to help you (and all of us) get through this crisis. Reach out to me via email or phone if you are in Colorado and interested in teletherapy support.

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